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Zhang Bohan has been involved in the production of various commercial projects. Starting from BTS, he worked as a production assistant and has now successfully served as an AD in several commercial projects. These projects include TECNO, SISLEY, and WEBANK, covering industries such as mobile phones, cosmetics, and financial institutions.

In addition to his commercial work, Zhang Bohan has made significant contributions as a producer and showrunner for short dramas, including vertical short dramas. He views these projects not merely as a means of income but as opportunities to hone his professional skills and keep his mind active.

Zhang Bohan firmly believes that the integration of brands and the film industry will become even closer in the future. By leveraging his experience in both commercials and short dramas, he hopes to explore this direction further, using movies, short films, and TV dramas to empower brands and create compelling content that resonates with audiences.

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