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Bohan Zhang, a film producer, holds a BFA from the Beijing Film Academy and an MFA in Creative Producing from Columbia University. With years of experience producing narrative short films and commercials, Bohan has worked with many Chinese and American production companies. As a recipient of the prestigious Sloan Foundation Film Production Grant and a lifetime member of the Museum of the Moving Image in the U.S. Bohan's expertise lies in producing Drama, Genre films.

Bohan often brings a unique producer's perspective to the table, exploring and developing stories with distinct values, and creating films that strike a balance between commercial appeal and artistic merit. With a global perspective, Bohan is dedicated to exploring stories that bridge Chinese and American cultures while offering fresh narrative values for businesses and products in the current global landscape.

 I have been involved in the development of various films and TV series. As a Creative Producer developing "Rainy Likely Today" (feature), "The Siege of Chongshan" (horror-war), and "Tomorrow Ten" (SCI-FI). Selected for China HiShorts! Film Festival. Also working on "蛇头" (The Snake Head), a Chinese mafia story in 20th-century New York.

Professional Resume

Working Experience



Analyzed scripts and provided coverage aligned with the company's vision. Led IP research for potential project adaptations. Advised on adaptation strategies during early development to improve storytelling. Contributed to pre-production, collaborating with creative teams on content refinement.

Handled administrative tasks, including CEO's travel coordination and meeting logistics. Offered technical support for the CEO's computer-related issues.

Nov.2021-Dec. 2022


The production company specializes in online series and has a successful track record, including popular shows like "Bad Kids" and "Burning Ice." As a producer assistant, I was involved in promoting the 6-episode short drama "Them (她们)," from script development to physical production. My responsibilities included reading scripts, organizing feedback meetings, and communicating revisions to screenwriters. I also handled tasks such as creating booklets, prospectuses, and searching for intellectual properties (IPs), as well as managing customs declarations for imported goods.


HCH Media

This Chinese media company has been experiencing growth and played a role in distributing "Transformers: Age of Extinction" in China. During my time in the Investment and Production Department, my responsibilities included collecting background information on around 15 film projects and translating English documents into Chinese for the company's greenlight committee. I evaluated the screenplays of these films as the initial trial and summarized the scores for the greenlight committee. Additionally, I participated in the early-stage publicity and distribution of "XXX: Return of Xander Cage." This involved preparing presentations, contacting early investors, conducting marketing analysis, and generating sales and publicity ideas.

Production Experience


National Film Think Tank Forum (CHINA)

Collected documents for leaders of the national film think tank of China. Produced, filmed, and edited videos for five forums; participated in a conference of the Highest Principle Investigators and prepared seven PowerPoint documents for the speakers. And other works given by the leaders.


Short films as Creative Producer

Secured a $21,000 Sloan Production Grant for the short Sci-fi film "Do You Have a Name"; Short films "Auntie" and "The Accordion" were selected for competition and exhibition at the Columbia University Film Festival (CUFF); "Fish", a short film on 16mm films, is currently a finalist at the China College Student Film Festival. The highest honor for Chinese student filmmakers; "Rainy Likely Today" was selected for competition and exhibition at the Jia Zhangke Village Short Film Festival at Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Film Festival, and the feature-length version of the film was selected for Hi,shorts Creative Pitching Unit. All of these films are currently running at various film festivals, and I am eagerly awaiting their results.

Cooperated with students from the Directing Department of Columbia University Film School to shoot a number of works. The genres are varied, including realism, fantasy, horror, surreal, etc., both digital and film shooting.

The budget ranged from $10,000 to $37,000, and the crew ranged from 15 to 80 people. Successfully and properly coordinated the crew with different costs and personnel and completed the shooting with quality and quantity.

Successfully managing unexpected issues arising from epidemic control and other factors, I oversaw shooting in diverse locations across Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangdong, capturing the distinct regions and customs of each location.


Commercials as
Assistant Director 

June 2016-Jul.2016

Happiness Club in Heaven

Deciding the project subject creativity with director. Making product schedule; Discuss with the whole crew, maintain the relation and ensure the progress of filming and production

All commercials are TVC of the year of the customers

I worked as a Line Producer for a 15-episode TV production that was released on IQIYI, a prominent Chinese streaming media platform. The series garnered over one million views. During my role from June 2016 to July 2016, I was responsible for confirming the daily filming schedule and arranging accommodation and transportation for a crew of 49 people. I worked closely with the director and cinematographer, coordinating the shooting schedule to ensure smooth production.

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